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  1. Isolation Spray

    1. Dielectric strength 2. Resistant 3. Crystal clear
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  2. Dissolving and Seperating

    It can be used for all abrasive materials on foundations such as fibre wheels, sheeting, endless grinding bands, abrasive sleeves, orbital sanders, and special machines.WEICON Alu Grinding Protection works like a cooling lubricant and separating agent during the grinding process. It lowers the temperature at the contact point and forms a silicone-free anti-adhesive layer on the abrasive material.
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  3. Surface and Corrosion Protection

    WEICON Aluminium Sprays contain aluminium pigments with a purity grade of <> 99.5% and offer high-quality corrosion protection for all metallic surfaces.Typ A-100: abrasion-resistant Typ A-400: very high brilliance
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  4. Cleaning and Degreasing (WEICON)

    Especially developed cleaner for coarse, oily and greasy soiling. Because of the long working time, also suitable for cleaning bigger or heavily resinified surfaces Due to the high flash point (> +60°C of the active substance), this cleaner corresponds to the former German Vbf-classification AIII and complies with the cooperative recommendations for the safety at work. This is an advantage compared to traditional AI or AII cleaners.Parts and Assembly Cleaner is free of acetone, butanol, ethyl acetate, etc.
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  5. Lubricating and Multifunctional Oils

    Due to its particularly high lubricating effect, WEICON Bio-Cut permits higher speeds and longer service lives, resulting in a higher cutting performance of the tools.Applications:Drilling and turning Milling and reaming Sawing and punching Silicone Spray PTFE-Spray W44T Turbo-Power-Spray AT-44 Allround Spray Fitting Spray Bio-Fluid Anti-Friction Spray Mo2 Silicone-Fluid Thread cutting of all types of steel, castings, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, and their alloys
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  6. Adhesive Lubricants

    WEICON Adhessive Lubricants WEICON Chain and Rope Lube Spray is a synthetic, transpartent adhesive lubricant for the permanent inside and outside lubrications of all kinds of highly stressed chains and wire cables. WEICON Chain and Rope Lube Spray is temperatureresistant from -40°C (-40°F) to +200°C (+392°F), strongly adherent and pressure-resistant, sound absorbent, water-resistant and has excellent creep properties. Prevents elongation, friction, and wear.
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  7. Assembly Sprays

    Assembly Spray ASA 100 / ASA 400 WEICON Anti-Seize consists of selected, fi nely ground, metallic solid lubricants and a high-quality synthetic oil mixture. This combination has been proven worldwide for many decades in a number of applications with materials made of steel, iron, or cast iron in all industrial areas.
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  8. Care and Protection

    WEICON Contact Spray is based on a special combination of active ingredients for the care and protection of electrical contacts and components.Dispels moisture from electrical contacts, prevents leakage current and voltage loss and keeps contacts, fuses, cable connections, etc. free of oxidation and sulphide deposits.WEICON Contact Spray is therefore used, for example, in fuse boxes, intercom systems and gate drives, socket outlets, cable and plug connections, cable drums and extensions, electrical garden equipment and lighting systems.
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  9. Inspection Aids & Other Agents

    Reliable cold starting - Gentle to engines and batteries WEICON Starter Spray is the perfect starting aid for all combustion engines. The special combination of active ingredients enables reliable cold starting.WEICON Starter Spray is ideal at low temperatures, in damp weather or after longer downtimes of the engine. The product is gentle to both battery and engine and prevents the formation of ice at the carburettor.WEICON Starter Spray is suitable for diesel and petrol engines with and without catalyst.
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